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You’re here, I guess because you’re searching, searching for something that’s missing.

You’re missing that one thing you need right now and that is some beautiful design.

Now, I would say you’ve come to the right place. (I, of course, would be biased)

If you don’t believe me, take a look around, see if you like what you see, delve deeper and have a look at some of Yellow Banana Design’s and see if they have a connection with what you’re after.

If I’m wrong and nothing here appeals, then go no further, we will part strangers, but if you see something you like, and think that Yellow Banana Design, can help you achieve what you are looking for, click here and make contact and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Past Work

About Yellow Banana Design

Yellow Banana Design is a one man band, started back when I used to sell childrens toys for a living.

It wasn’t always called Yellow Banana Design either, but more on that later.

Having been in charge of designing adverts for my family business, Jacks Toy Company, I was often asked by other businesses if I could design their adverts too. I did a little self-education, reading what books were readily available in the local library (before the advent of Google), and practised a lot. Before long the local business association asked me to do some design work for them, and a little while later asked if I could research what was involved in building websites.

I rang a lot of companies, and either they were way overpriced or they didn’t have the right attitude (sometimes both) or there was some other problem. I took back my results and was asked why couldn’t I build one. So I jumped online, read a whole lot more books, built one for a friend, and then designed and built one for the business association.

Little by little, I had built a new design business. So I took the next step and CKH Design was born.

Now I can see you asking yourself, where on earth did the name Yellow Banana Design come from?

It’s not the most usual of names, and perhaps its just a little bit fruity, as in fruity like a fruitcake!

And I guess you’d be right, sane working inviroment is not the first things that come to mind, when talking about Yellow Banana Design.

But the name didn’t start with being crazy, it started with the birth of my daughter, or more correctly, when she started trying to say her own name. As with most kids, they have a lot of difficulty pronouncing the names their dear parents choice for them, and mine was the same. I didn’t choose any far out, wacky, or unusally creative name either (and yes ladies I did choose both my childrens names, though I did run them past my wife for approval). But my daughter still had difficulty, and because she was (still is) so damn cute, I couldn’t help but rearrange her furtive trials with speech from Lella into Lella Banana, and from there into Yellow Banana, my nickname for her for about 6 months… until she told me to stop it, and call her by her proper name. However the name stuck in my head, and when it came to rename my business from CKH Design (very boring, and not creative at all) into something reflecting the the fun loving attitude around here, it resurfaced.

Besides which, it’s hopefully more memorable.

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